Remember Me? Advanced Search. Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: FAQ – Matchmaking. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. October 15th, 1. SuperCell could you respond to my rant, consider my proposal, or answer my questions about the matchmaker? Best chance for visibility to SC of your great idea? Want advice or arguments about clan wars?

Clan Wars FAQ

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Clash Of Clans Update Coming To Addresses Engineered Bases In Clan Wars

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As we have said in the past, one of our most important goals in matchmaking for Clan Wars is to ensure that each Clan is more evenly matched.

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Clan War: Matchmaking

Builder Base. Home Village. The game calculates how good the villages on your Clan are and then looks for a clan with similar strength, so the battle should be always even. This is not as easy as finding a village with similar Trophies, so the matchmaking takes longer.

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Enter the amount of gold in storage on Battle day. Start with the highest level of Gold Storage. What is it? War weight is a big deal in the Clash of Clans world. It influences the matchmaking system in Clan Wars. The matchmaking system will try to match your clan with another clan having similar strength or war weight. Overall clan weight is the combined weight of each base.

The best method to calculate war weight is the “counting” method. Friendly challenge mode allows you to get the war weight at any time, instead of waiting for war day or relying on old war details. Scout the base on Battle Day. So, if you have 4 equal level gold storages, info the gold and multiply that number by five town hall included to get the base war weight.

Clan War Matchmaking – Less Mismatches

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Between 8 and statistical site, clan war matchmaking matches clans based on the clan wars matchmaking algorithm – supercell forum. War search forum.

As we have said in the past, one of our most important goals in matchmaking for Clan Wars is to ensure that each Clan is more evenly matched against the other. While we have made changes and updates to our matchmaking algorithm over time, we also understand much more needed to be done to provide an enjoyable War experience while preventing one Clan from having a major advantage over the other. What this means for you is that your Clan will be more evenly matched against other Clans that have similar builds.

One of the challenges in creating a matchmaking system is to allow players to retain their creativity in their base design and play style. We wanted to make sure that your strategies are not invalidated; just more evenly matched against others who share your play style. Our improved algorithm is an evolutionary step in making sure Clans will be matched more frequently against opponents of equivalent difficulty.

Furthermore, we have also built in a certain degree of flexibility into the new system that allows us to fine tune the matchmaking weights as needed. This will allow us to monitor the matchmaking, make changes if we feel the weights are either too heavy or not heavy enough. The matchmaking algorithm is still currently in development and is slated for a near-future release soon! But we wanted to make sure we communicated this to you all and let you know that ensuring an enjoyable Clan War is just as important to us as it is to you.

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Coc new update matchmaking

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Our clan can’t show how good we are at attacking in war leagues and we lose players because they don’t get as many medals with us because of.

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Without getting a second War Day attack, the maximum amount is 7, Steelers – Master I. Clan War League table with reward and promotion rules. If any Clan War battle including Collection Day and War Day ends in a tie, it will be counted as a loss, and cannot be redone. In rare cases, groups in War Leagues might consist of fewer than eight clans, due to insufficient clans remaining in the matchmaking pool.

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Remember Me? Advanced Search. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Thread: Is it that easy to exploit war matchmaking system. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. June 15th, 1. In this wonderful game, I am only interested in one thing – the clan wars. Making the optimal roster, engineering, finding and creating the best layouts in this game, and, of course, making win streaks, of which ours is in triple digits.

That is what keeps me interested in this beautiful game.

Clash of Clans – SUPERCELL MATCHMAKING AT ITS FINEST! Insane Matchup in Clan Wars!