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He took a little break at the beginning of but returned soon after. In February , the actor revealed that he was leaving the soap but by August had announced he would be coming back. Once Sami was able to return to her regular life in town, Rafe took a job at the Salem PD to stay close to her and Grace. Tragically, Grace died, and Rafe was kidnapped by Meredith, the vengeful sister of a woman he was engaged to marry in the past but who had died. Her scheme exposed, Nicole kidnapped Sydney and left town. As Sami began confiding more and more in EJ, Rafe decided to end their relationship.

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Will Rafe’s Decision End His Marriage To Hope?

Ben learns the cartel is back in Salem. Eric confides in Sarah his regrets about Nicole. On Thursday April 18 , Gabi and Ciara are held hostage by a cartel member.

It’s the end of Days for yet another star of NBC’s daytime drama. Galen Gering, who has played Days of Our Lives’ Rafe Hernandez since.

That may be true on some level, but Gabi certainly knows the difference. Even so, Gabi finds Jake irresistible. No matter what exactly pulls Gabi to Jake, the point is sparks are flying. Those sparks will be flying even more once Jake grabs Gabi for a hot kiss. Days of Our Lives spoilers say Gabi and Jake will fall on the bed for lovemaking soon after, so get ready for some steamy scenes!

In the meantime, Rafe Hernandez Galen Gering will seek answers from his sneaky father. DOOL spoilers say Eduardo will deliver a stern warning about the danger to his family. Ben will fight to keep Ciara safe, but his dark side will come bursting through as he breaks down the door.

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The Days of Our Lives recap for Wednesday, June 10, , features the judge making a bombshell decision, Allie surprising Eric and Nicole, and Lucas on the hunt for his daughter. He not only lost to Zoey but had to hand over David today. Rafe fell apart and Hope Kristian Alfonso took him home to say goodbye to the little boy.

Things got ugly when Zoey Alyshia Ochse showed up.

Life has been hard in Salem for Rafe. He lost custody of the boy he was going to adopt and he’s divorced from Hope Williams Brady (Kristian.

The core families are the Bradys, the Hortons, and the DiMeras, and the multi-layered storylines involve elements of romance, adventure, mystery, comedy and drama. Days of our Lives season 48 episode guide on TV. After a sixteen-year absence, she reprised the role on October 2, to September 22, See more ideas about Hot hunks, Days of our lives, Soap opera. Days of our Lives spouses could be called into action. Click here for the complete recap of this week February 28 to March 4, Philip blamed Kate and Melanie for indirectly causing Chloe’s attempted suicide.

Nicole Walker is a fictional character on the NBC soap opera, Days of Our Lives , a long-running series about working-class life in the fictional town of Salem. Nicole comes back with two ferry workers and they begin moving Jennifer to the ferry.

Days of our Lives Recap: Rafe Lost Custody Of David

Custodial interference- Forged Grace’s birth certificates and adoption records so that no one would know that Sami gave birth to Grace January Obstruction of Justice; provided false information to police pertaining to E. Custodial interference- Claimed that he was the father of Nicole’s baby E. He arrived to relay information to Sami and her witness protection guard.

However, once he arrived, he found that Sami had given sleeping pills to her guard.

Days of Our Lives spoilers say Gabi and Jake will fall on the bed for Eduardo Hernandez (A Martinez) just broke in Rafe’s home, so Rafe will interrogate Castlevania Season 3: Release Date, Cast, Plot And Latest Updates.

Get the Android app. Get the iOS app. Send feedback. Did she run or did Ben hide her body? He is Steve Johnson’s It’s been a little over three years since we last saw A Martinez on Days of our Lives. One of those is Will Horton Chandler Massey , who will. Even though ‘CIN’ fans are certainly sad over the fact that

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Days of our Lives spoilers come directly from the studio and are not changed. We also link to the daily recaps, weekly spoiler promos, and breaking news, all of which can be found in the Days of our Lives newsroom. Ben takes Ciara somewhere very unexpected then later faces off with Eve. The latest soap news includes behind-the-scenes glimpses, dismaying decisions, and birthday wishes. Long-term return!

Hope Williams Brady (–19) Sami Brady (–12).

The two will clash and it could get pretty explosive. DOOL spoilers reveal that in the next two weeks, more Salemites will learn that Allie is back in town. They will also find out that she is pregnant. He was upset, angry, demanded answers, and made it clear that he will make the decisions. Viewers also recall how Nicole was trying to be the gentle voice of reason with Eric Brady Greg Vaughan relating to the baby bombshell. Days of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Lucas still views Allie as his little girl.

Lucas thinks that he knows what is best for Allie. However, the more controlling he acts, the more Allie will pull away. The last thing anyone wants is for Allie to disappear again. This is when Nicole steps in and faces off against Lucas.

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The actress will reprise her role as Sami Brady when the show resumes filming next month, Deadline reports. Meet the cast and learn more about the stars of of Days of Our Lives with exclusive news, photos, videos and more at TVGuide. Unfortunately, as per usual the NBC daytime drama will be preempted nationally for three days to accommodate the coverage of French Open Tennis.

That’s because in episodes soon to air on 9Gem and stream on 9Now, the show will undergo a major reset by jumping ahead one year.

Our Days of Our Lives Round Table Team debates whether Rafe and Hope should Network: NBC; Number of Episodes: ; Start Date: August 03,

In the latest DOOL Deconstructing, Christine is grateful for the daily escape to Salem, speculates on the secrets of Evan and Orpheus, encourages Rafe and cannot believe that no one has come across Jake before. In the latest soap news, the actress of Days comes out and the staff of Soaps. All wet! Watch the actors of Days of our Lives spoof soap in a melodramatic video Drinks are on us.

Kelly Ripa celebrates her 24th birthday with Mark Consuelos with a sweet photo montage of their life together. Zoey will have a new look this month since Alyshia Ochse is in the role of Zoey, Kelly Thiebaud is out.

‘Days Of Our Lives’ Sees Galen Gering Exit, Third Cast Member This Week To Bid Farewell

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A profile of the Days of our Lives character Rafe Hernandez, part of Soap While Rafe enjoyed the date and their kiss, he still made no promises to Sami about.

Their exits are coming up in just a few weeks. Keep reading to find out the final air dates for both characters and theories on what sends the soap siblings out of Salem. His exit story has not been revealed yet. However, there are a few good theories swirling around. He could decide to get a fresh start somewhere new. The Hernandez family members have either died, gone to prison, or moved away.

Salem might have too many memories for Rafe. There is his former marriage to Hope Brady Kristian Alfonso. While they seem to be thinking about rekindling the romance, both actors are leaving at separate times. Gering will make his last appearance as Rafe Hernandez on August 28, The actor is just one of many cast members who are leaving the daytime TV show.

While others have spoken up to explain why they are parting ways with the soap, Gering has stayed relatively quiet since the news was announced earlier this year. So is his little sister, Gabi. The only possible reason we can think of for her packing up because of her daughter, Ari Horton Sydney Brower.

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